The Fine Arts Of Hand Scraping Work

The fine artist that is the painter has the use of his fine tools. He has his palette of oils and selection of specially prepared brushes. But what a fine work of art has been created by those remarkably talented artists who ditched the brushes and proceeded to use nothing but their hands instead. Flooring technicians in general, like a whole host of skilled artisans practicing other techniques, have the use of their specialist tools as well.

hand scraped flooring

Naming these gentlemen as artisans is an interesting thing. It sounds so close to artist. Yes, they are skilled technicians, but they are also artists. It takes an insurmountable amount of skill to utilize mechanical or electric powered tools to produce fine artifacts such as well polished wooden floors, or rustic floor boards, also made from wood, neatly cut ceramic tiles and swiftly laid out vinyl flooring mats.

But there are those flooring technicians who have chosen to spend more time using just their hands. No tools, just their hands. To create beautiful finishes, they are indulging in the (arts and) crafts of hand scraped flooring. It contributes vastly to the creation of a number of desirable themes, such as the country life, or the colonial look. It contributes to two contrasting styles as well. Hand scraping does its job well in creating not just an antique or worn look, but a modernist presentation as well, well equipped with the style rustic art.

Of course, in this trade, the skilled artisans cannot produce such finishes purely with their hands. They will still be utilizing carefully selected manual, handheld tools, as opposed to using electrical tools, to create their finished looks. Watch them as they work in a rather peaceful environment. Not a sound.